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Overseas Asset Management

We manage portfolios using a disciplined, bottom-up and value investing approach.

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Full Description

Overseas Asset Management (Cayman) Limited was formed in 1989. The Company is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority under the Companies Management Law. As a licensee, Overseas Asset Management has minimum capital requirements, must file its audited financial statements with the Cayman Island Monetary Authority under the Companies Management Law, and must carry professional indemnity insurance. KPMG has been the Company’s auditor since its formation. Overseas Asset Management (Cayman) Ltd. is not a licensed or registered investment advisor in any other jurisdiction other than the Cayman Islands.

Today, Overseas Asset Management is possibly the leading home-grown, independent, boutique asset manager in the Cayman Islands. We pride ourselves on the performance of our funds and the fact that we have grown our business entirely through word of mouth referral from our clients. Our preoccupation is with trying to maintain our superior investment track record. We are not asset gatherers. Indeed, in the past, when we have been flooded with requests to manage more money than we think we can sensibly manage, we have closed to new clients.

We also pride ourselves in offering our clients good value for money. Our fee structure is unchanged since inception and unusual in today’s environment where it is typical for hedge funds to charge 1.5% or 2% of assets under management plus 20% of gains above a high water mark. We charge the higher of either 1% of assets or 10% of gains above a high water mark. We do not charge fees in our funds. Fees are only charged in the client’s portfolio that we manage. The effect of this is that for performance fee calculation purposes our clients can offset differing returns earned by investing in the OAM funds.



The Pavilion, Cricket Square, George Town, Grand Cayman, BWI P.O. Box 597 Grand Cayman KY1-1107 Cayman Islands British West Indies

Telephone Number:

(345) 949-8787